Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag Trailer “Pirate Heist”


Gamespot’s review of Grand Theft Auto V: Criticism, free speech and women

Counter Dimensional

Grand Theft Auto V is a satirical take on American culture. Filled with over the top violence, a torture scene fresh out of [any major US film] and the banes of modern American society (nipples and nudity), GTA always causes its fair share of controversy on release. As an R18+ rated game on the Oz market, barred from access by children akin to American Psycho (novel), Pulp fiction, etc, nobody should be crying ‘adult liberties run amok, think of the kids’. Interestingly, the R18+ rating was awarded solely for drug use, not the violence or sex. However, what’s concerning me about GTA’s release is the negative reaction to Caroline from Gamespot’s review of GTA V.

Caroline bravely raises the point that the representation of women in GTA is demeaning and shallow. Both are true. Caroline is right, and she is also right to criticise this element of the…

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Farewell Hiroshi Yamauchi


Darc Xed : Louder Than Noise

I bid farewell to the creator of Mario, Hiroshi Yamauchi. And thank you, for what I am today (as a software developer) is because of the games like Mario Bros. whom I grew up with and until now still playing.

hiroshi 2Again, farewell Hiroshi Yamauchi. T_T

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As I See It: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

The World As I See It

A review from the perspective of a Final Fantasy XI player.


After roughly twenty days, I’ve experienced the greater portion of FFXIV’s content, and gotten an idea of how it will come together as an mmo with its community. As the result of years of feedback, tweaking, and re-tweaking, FFXIV tries to strike a balance between its roots from Final Fantasy XI and with the ever changing mmo landscape. This is how I view the game, strictly as a long time player of its predecessor.

To start, this game’s world and its visuals are very much the successor to FFXI. The races are all derived from that game’s choices, and the wildlife are all based on Final Fantasy lore. This will give any fan of the series, and of Final Fantasy XI, a sense of familiarity while still being fresh with its unique world. Sadly, this is where its similarities…

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Battlefield IV new Teaser and date for the beta!

It’s been a while since i posted, so I bring you a great post on battlefield IV. I’m putting a teaser of the online mode.

I also bring you the date in which we will have the beta. EA and DICE have confirmedthat on the 4th of october they will be releasing the beta on PC, PS3 and XBOX 360. If you are asking how can you play it, it’s easy because it’s open for everyone.

For those who have bought the deluxe edition of origin, or bought ‘medal of honor warfighter’ or are premium members of the third saga of  DICE, will recieve the beta 3 days earlier than everyone on the 1st of octuber.

Here I leave the teaser of the online mode. Nothing else to say for now! Just enjoy the video and try out the game when the beta comes.

Battlefield 4 Beta Kicks Off October 1

The Lazy Geeks


Playing a game for free is always cool, but playing a game for free to make it better when it ultimately releases is not only cool but helpful. Its like charity, only not.

The open beta for the much-anticipated Battlefield 4 will open its doors October 1, so says Electronic Arts. The cross-platform beta will be available on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and the PC. There hasn’t been any word about the “exclusive” Battlefield 4 beta that was announced just for those that owned Battlefield 3 premium or Medal of Honor: Warfighter however.

The official release date of Battlefield 4 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC is October 29 so this beta being so close to the release means the game should be relatively complete, with some final stress testing to be done on our part. Next generation versions of the title have been announced as well and…

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